John Gearries

"Superstar Talent"

John Gearries is an American born actor with charisma you have to see to believe. Like Steve McQueen, John hails from Indianapolis, Indiana but has starred in feature films throughout the United States including the cities of Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MS, Louisville KY, Columbus & Cleveland OH. John now resides in Los Angeles, CA and has also appeared in numerous big budget feature films including the roles of a caveman in Universal Pictures Year One, a Secret Service Agent in Gravitas Ventures First Dog, and a star baseball player in AmeriAsian Films' Young Again. Television-wise he has appeared on various episodes of the popular show Young and the Restless on CBS.

At 6'5" tall, John's size carries a commanding presence on film which can be utilized as the Italian muscle but at the same time he can carry an extremely sensitive side as the starring love interest. John is also highly athletic making him perfect to be considered for the action star or super hero in comic book films. Lastly, John has mastered many accents of American society and is also naturally convincing in various European accents.

John is the co-founder of Between the Lines Productions LLC. Recently, he finished writing, producing in a SAG feature film. John efforts as a producer have been covered in Variety Magazine, Variety Magazine, Yahoo! Voices, Examiner, CraveOnline and Media Mikes.

What sets John apart from the competition is his ability to take on character roles. Many actors stick to the same personality in every role but John can bring a character to life by altering his voice and perception. He thrives to take on Mid-Evil, Western & early American stories. Comedy is also a strong suit for John because he's terrific with improvisation, writing and timing. His ability is honored time and time again by the directors he's worked with who cast him repeatedly in the films they produce.

Popularity for John is constantly growing in the Hollywood community and he is sure to be one of the next superstar entertainers of our time that can literally do it all. He is destine to be the, "Ultimate Entertainment Professional."

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